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The Taste of Tea


Bento Boxes

   Classic Bento  18.

Miso Soup | Beef Teriyaki over Rice | Hijiki and Cucumber Salads | Chirashi (Ebi, Maguro, Tamago) | Cold Soba Noodle Salad

   Unwine Rewine  15.

Miso Soup | Seasoned Rice Rolls | Cucumber Salad | Hijiki Salad | Mini Cream Puff | Tea of the Day


   Miso Ramen Chef Nez’ssignature dish  14.

Miso Broth | Ramen Noodles | Chashu (BBQ Pork) | Marinated Soft Boiled Egg | Bamboo Shoots | Bean and Pea Sprouts Marinated Tofu | Green Onion | Kamaboko (Seasoned Fish Cake) | Add Shrimp 1.5

   Sukiyaki Ramen  16.

Shoyu Broth | Ramen and Shirataki Noodles | Thinly Sliced Beef | Napa | Onion | Carrot | Celery | Enoki Mushrooms | Bean Sprouts | Marinated Tofu | Spinach | Green Onion | Kamaboko | Add Marinated Soft Boiled Egg 1.

   Curry Ramen  14.

Curry Broth | Ramen Noodles | Chashu | Marinated Soft Boiled Egg | Bean and Pea Sprouts | Marinated Tofu | Green Onion | Kamaboko

   Yaki Soba  12.

Stir Fried Soba Noodles | Cabbage | Carrots | Shiitake Mushrooms | Celery | Bean Sprouts | Onion | Bell Peppers | Chef Nez’s Citrus Shoyu Sauce | Green Onion | Add Chicken or Chashu 1.5 | Add Tofu 1.

   Cold Soba Noodle Salad 11.

Green Tea Soba Noodles | Napa Cabbage | Carrots | Snow Peas | Cilantro | Pickled Ginger | Chef Nez’s Miso Sesame Vinaigrette | Shiitake Mushroom | Green Onion | Add Ham and Japanese Seasoned Egg or Tofu 2.

   Yaki Udon  12.

Stir Fried Udon Noodles | Carrots | Shiitake Mushrooms | Celery | Onion | Chef Nez’s Oyster Sauce | Green Onion                  Add Chicken or Chashu 1.5 | Add Tofu 1.

Rice and Grains

   Teriyaki Donburi a.k.a. rice bowl  13.

        Teriyaki Beef | Cabbage | Onion | Snap Peas | Rice | Pickled Ginger | Also available with Chashu, Tofu, or Chicken 12.

   Oyako Donburi 12.

        Sweet Smoky Shoyu Broth | Chicken | Egg | Onion | Bean Sprouts | Green Onion | Rice

   Kitsune Donburi  12.

        Sweet Smoky Shoyu Broth | Aburaage (fried tofu) | Onion | Bean Sprouts | Spinach | Green Onion | Rice

   Mabo Tofu Donburi  12.

        Spicy Sichuan Sauce | Tofu | Peas | Smart Grounds | Green Onion | Rice | served with Edamame side dish

   Japanese Sweet Curry  12.

        Curry | Carrots | Peas | Celery | Rice | Pickled Daikon | Add Beef 2. | Add Chicken or Pork 1.5| Add Tofu 1.

   Hijiki Donburi  7.5

House Braised Seaweed | Konnyaku | Carrot | Lotus Root | Aburaage | Sweet Shoyu Broth | Shelled Edamame | Fried Fish Cake | Rice

  Salmon Ochazuke a.k.a. tea over rice  15.

Grilled Rice Ball Stuffed with Smoked Sockeye Salmon | Wasabi Caviar | Umeboshi (Pickled Plum) | Kyoto Bancha Tea  Cucumber or Hijiki Salad Side

   Shiso Ochazuke  12.

Seasoned Grilled Rice Ball | Pickled Radish Tops | Umeboshi | Kyoto Bancha Tea | Cucumber or Hijiki Salad Side

Sides  3.5 each

  Edamame | Miso Soup | Cucumber Salad | Wakame Salad | Hijiki Salad


Most are Asian Style so not too sweet and not too big

Green Tea Sundae  6.5

Ice Cream Sandwich 5.

Green Tea Mini Cream Puffs 6.

Green Tea Roll Cake w/Green Tea Gelato 6.5

Matcha Cheesecake w/Black Sesame Gelato 6.5

Mochi Ice Cream Trio  6.

Sponge Cake  6.

Ginger Rice Pudding  5.

Petit Four little cake   3. each | Demitasse mini  2. each

Warm Farro  7.5

Granola Parfait  7.5

MarTEAni 7.

Gemstone “cocktails” with no alcohol, served in a martini glass, most using GEMWATER Cold Drip Teas, sweet syrups, fresh herbs, and sugar rims

Tiger Eye, Rose Quartz, Ruby, Emerald, Moonstone, Opal “Dirty Martini”, Jade

Cold Drip Teas use GEMWATER to slowly extract exquisite nuances with a silky-smooth mouth feel. Ask about current infusions. Served in a stem glass 5.5 


Mint Melody Matcha 5.5

Focus Matcha 6.5

Taste of Matcha  4.5

Emerald Matcha 7.

Recovery Matcha 7.   

Matcha Frappe  6.5

Matcha Clear  6.5

Matcha Shot  4. 

Traditional Style Matcha Bowl served with a sweet bite 5.

Matcha Latte  5.5


Inspired by traditional lattes, these fun lattes use blended teas, organic coconut milk, sweet syrups and sugars.


Extracting flavor and aroma with vacuum siphons is a scientific approach relying on liquid displacement. Generous proportions, served hot or over ice. Could be shared by two comfortably. 

Blooming Blossom Teas 6.

Hand-tied works of art, using tea tips and flowers. Served in a stem glass.

Mixologist Crafted Specialty Drinks

Each drink prepared with skill and attention; sometimes playing off classic cocktails,

however none include alcohol; simply great taste and fun. To Your Good Health!

Arnold Palmer 4.5

Crimson Orange Mojito 7.

Ginger Basil Mojito 7.

No Tequila Sunrise 7.

Peach Cooler 7.

Recovery Matcha 7.


Mixologist Crafted Freshly steeped Teas

Choose any tea from our tea list below, prepared hot or iced, make it your own by adding syrups or sugars.

namasu.jpgbento.jpgtea-marteani.jpegroll-cake.jpgSoba Saladmocktails-red-and-yellow.jpghijiki-salad.jpgcurry-ramen.jpgSakura Mochi Ice Creamramen.jpgsyphion-pot-the-taste-of-tea-web.jpgshaken-vanillia-bean-the-taste-of-tea-web.jpgadrienne.jpg

Relaxation Room Menu

Give yourself luxurios green tea treatment in a warm tea infused foot soak with a green tea facial mask and an herbal tea neck wrap.  And a Tea Docents guided tea tasting. 75.

For the complete menu click here.

Reservations suggested. call 707 431-1995

or email teadocents@thetasteoftea.com

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