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Wellness Spa Collection

Wellness Spa Collection

These special blends contain the highest quality raw materials from around the world, tested, controlled and blended in Germany.
Blissful Blessings Blissful Blessings
Reference #: 9066FH
Serene peppermint and licorice caffeine free nectar. Pure and delicious reminder of nature's many blessings.
PRICE: $10.95

Deep Healing Deep Healing
Reference #: 9052FB
Healing power of red cranberries in luscious synergy with magical black tea and chocolate symphony.
PRICE: $10.95

Inhale Exhale Inhale Exhale
Reference #: 9058FG
Waves of rosy peach and mango floating on clean green tea while transforming mind, body and soul.
PRICE: $10.95

Long Life Long Life
Reference #: 9064FGO
Succulent peach immortality elixir of complex Oolong and green tea is a sophisticated rich blend. 
PRICE: $10.95

Magical Mint Magical Mint
Reference #: 9067FH
Healing enchantment of mint and rosemary soothes the body and soul with lavender and no caffeine.
PRICE: $10.95

One World One World
Reference #: 9044FH
A exotic global party is healing and beautiful bringing the world of  fruit and herbs together in your cup.
PRICE: $10.95

Perfect Harmony Perfect Harmony
Reference #: 9057FGB
Aromatic apothecary of jasmine rose romance and smiles of sunflowers in tune with green and black tea.
PRICE: $10.95

Pharaoh's Chamomile Pharaoh's Chamomile
Reference #: 9061H
Chamomile's sacred healing began in Egypt so when you seek pure authentic gold trust the Pharaohs.
PRICE: $10.95

Pure Delight Pure Delight
Reference #: 9049FGW
Sophisticate aroma woven with healing tea colors and spiritually regenerating flowers for the mind body spirit. 
PRICE: $10.95

Shaman Spirit Shaman Spirit
Reference #: 9051FB
Awaken your deep healing and infinite wisdom to the foundation of balance for your modern lifestyle.
PRICE: $10.95

Stay Beautiful Stay Beautiful
Reference #: ft011
The secret to looking and feeling younger instantly. Extend wellness between professional treatments or spa at home.
PRICE: $14.95

Stay Beautiful Spa Kit Stay Beautiful Spa Kit
Reference #: 9068
Your Organic Oasis, naturally, whenever you desire. Bathe your skin with relaxing mists and soaks, while your entire body is infused.
PRICE: $49.95


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