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Taiwanese Tea

Taiwanese Tea

We hand select awesome tea that will transport you to "Formosa" the most beautiful island with gorgeous teas.
Charcoal Roasted Tung Ting Charcoal Roasted Tung Ting
Reference #: to104
Charcoal Roasted Tung Ting Oolong
PRICE: $16.95

Eastern Beauty Oolong - Organic Eastern Beauty Oolong - Organic
Reference #: to093o
Think Oriental Beauty and then imagine an even more Fragrant tightly twisted Oolong!
PRICE: $12.95

Forever Spring Oolong Forever Spring Oolong
Reference #: to036
Intoxicatingly fragrant, incomparably smooth and a distinctive creamy taste which seems to linger forever.
PRICE: $10.95

Formosa Jade Oolong Formosa Jade Oolong
Reference #: to035
Enchanting and Aromatic! her nickname Honeysuckle Milk fits the treasure perfectly!
PRICE: $10.95

Formosa Silvertip Oolong Formosa Silvertip Oolong
Reference #: to117
Rich honey color with a peach/nectarine finish and Orchid aroma. 
PRICE: $10.95

GABA Oolong - Organic GABA Oolong - Organic
Reference #: to147o
GABA Oolong
PRICE: $12.95

Gao Shan High Mountain Oolong Gao Shan High Mountain Oolong
Reference #: to148
Gao Shan High Mountian Oolong
PRICE: $12.95

Jin Shuan Jin Shuan
Reference #: to037
Baozhong or a Green Oolong-very smooth, no astringency.
PRICE: $10.95

Li Shan Oolong Li Shan Oolong
Reference #: to096
Wonderfully Aromatic with a lingering sweetness and creamy honey finish.  
PRICE: $14.95

Milky Oolong - Organic Milky Oolong - Organic
Reference #: to176o
Milky Oolong - Organic Taiwanese Oolong
PRICE: $12.95

Oriental Beauty Oolong - Organic Oriental Beauty Oolong - Organic
Reference #: to033o
Connoisseur's Oolong. Exquisite peach and honey expression amidst sparkling rich shades of autumn.
PRICE: $10.95

Tung Ting High Mtn Oolong - Organic Tung Ting High Mtn Oolong - Organic
Reference #: to094o
Orchid and gardenia floats within a cup full of exceptional complexities of aroma and flavor layers.
PRICE: $10.95


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