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Japanese Tea

Japanese Tea

Not every tea region produces the same attributes just as wine regions differ. Try several terrior's and experience the difference within the same tea. Just as all Chardonnay's are not the same, neither are all Sencha's
Sakura Karigane to Help Japan Blossom Sakura Karigane to Help Japan Blossom
Reference #: tt001
One of the worlds worsts catastrophes occurred 3/1/11, much  HELP is still needed to restore Japan. 
PRICE: $0.00

Japanese Tea:Kyoto Region
Genmaicha - Organic Genmaicha - Organic
Reference #: ju063o
Toasty and gentle, nurturing the mind, body and spirit. A tea of resourcefulness that is comforting, delicious and restorative.
PRICE: $12.95

Genmaicha Midori - Organic Genmaicha Midori - Organic
Reference #: ju068o
Noble Matcha dusts a tea from the bleakest of times creating layers and complexity found only in Japan!
PRICE: $18.00

Genmaicha Midori - Uji Genmaicha Midori - Uji
Reference #: ju048
Extremely Complex Sencha, a light Matcha dust with a lingering flavor reminiscent of roasted popcorn.
PRICE: $14.00

Gyokuro - Uji Gyokuro - Uji
Reference #: ju042
Elegant - Treasured - Rare 
Gyokuro is the most refined Japanese Loose Leaf Tea!
PRICE: $23.00

Houjicha - Organic Houjicha - Organic
Reference #: ju064o
Simple - Everyday-Yummy 
NOT the Average Houjicha!
PRICE: $7.50

Hyakushocha "Farmer's Tea" Hyakushocha "Farmer's Tea"
Reference #: ju049
A tea commonly enjoyed only by the tea garden farmers! The leaves are only slightly processed resulting in lovely sweet liquor.
PRICE: $16.00

Kyoto Bancha - Organic Kyoto Bancha - Organic
Reference #: ju079o
Kyoto Bancha, like it's origin is enticing, complex, smooth, balanced. Perfect for when you crave the simplest of extraordinary.
PRICE: $9.95

Kyoto Karigane - Organic - 500 gram bag Kyoto Karigane - Organic - 500 gram bag
Reference #: ju065o-h
So Delicious with Amazing Affects, now in a more economical package. see Stay Focused and Stay Beautiful!
PRICE: $95.00

Sencha - Uji Sencha - Uji
Reference #: ju053
Herbaceous with a crisp astringent (not to be confused with bitter) mouth feel. Pairs beautifully with sushi.
PRICE: $12.00

Japanese Tea:Shizuoka Region
Fukamushicha - Shizuoka Fukamushicha - Shizuoka
Reference #: js043
Vegetal aroma sweet grassy flavor. Pour slowly from your vessel to ensure emerald green liquor.
PRICE: $16.00

Genmaicha Midori - Shizuoka Genmaicha Midori - Shizuoka
Reference #: js047
Larger leaves with a heavy dusting of matcha which is more pronounced than that of an Uji style. Toasty but not over powering, Genmai does not diminish the sweetness of the matcha.
PRICE: $16.00

Roasted Sencha Roasted Sencha
Reference #: js054
This sencha may change the way you think about sencha! Enough body to stand up to stir fry or tempura yet sweet enough to be enjoyed with sushi.
PRICE: $16.00

Sencha - Shizuoka Sencha - Shizuoka
Reference #: js052
Herbaceous with a slightly more astringent (not to be confused with bitter) mouth compared to Uji.
PRICE: $16.00

Japanese Tea:Kagoshima Region
Fukamushicha - Organic Fukamushicha - Organic
Reference #: jk169o
Fukamushicha is a Sencha style tea crafted with extra steaming - resulting in a full complex tea.
PRICE: $16.00

Sakura Karigane - Organic Sakura Karigane - Organic
Reference #: js167o
Awakening and renewal in every cup! Celebrate daughters and all the beautiful girls in your life during March!
PRICE: $12.95

Sencha - Organic Sencha - Organic
Reference #: jk174o
Enjoy the fresh aroma and herbaceous, light grassy flavor.
PRICE: $12.95

Japanese Tea:Shinto Grand Shrine
Genmaicha - Shinto Grand Shrine Genmaicha - Shinto Grand Shrine
Reference #: ji119
From one of the most spiritual areas in Japan ordinary styled teas which may stimulate extraordinary affects on the mind, body and spirit.
PRICE: $14.00

Karigane - Shinto Grand Shrine Karigane - Shinto Grand Shrine
Reference #: ji121
From one of the most spiritual areas in Japan ordinary styled teas which may stimulate extraordinary affects on the mind, body and spirit.
PRICE: $16.00

Sencha - Shinto Grand Shrine Sencha - Shinto Grand Shrine
Reference #: ji118
From one of the most spiritual areas in Japan ordinary styled teas which may stimulate extraordinary affects on the mind, body and spirit.
PRICE: $16.00

Japanese Tea:Shinwa Functional Tea
Stay Balanced Stay Balanced
Reference #: ft010
Complex and smooth taste fosters energy flow and peace of mind. A balanced body prevents serious illness and inspires happiness. 
PRICE: $14.95

Stay Beautiful Stay Beautiful
Reference #: ft011
The secret to looking and feeling younger instantly. Extend wellness between professional treatments or spa at home.
PRICE: $14.95

Stay Calm Stay Calm
Reference #: ft012
When you quiet the mind you can hear the world. GABA a accidental Japanese discovery,  signals the mind to slow down and stress less.
PRICE: $14.95

Stay Clear Stay Clear
Reference #: ft013
Natural relief of seasonal symptoms from the organic garden without any of the side affects of over-the-counter drugs used for the same purpose.
PRICE: $14.95

Stay Energized - Genmaicha Stay Energized - Genmaicha
Reference #: ft016
Chewable Tea Pearls available in 3 varieties is your Secret, Simple, Solution to foster Peace, Balance and Energy throughout your day.
PRICE: $14.95

Stay Energized - Matcha Stay Energized - Matcha
Reference #: ft014
Experience the Magic of tea in a chewable pearl. Find the energy to follow your bliss with the distinctive flavor of Matcha!
PRICE: $14.95

Stay Energized - Sencha Stay Energized - Sencha
Reference #: ft015
Emerald Pearls of Wisdom are convenient chewable tea pearls with the fresh taste of Sencha. Experience the energy to follow your bliss!
PRICE: $14.95

Stay Fit Stay Fit
Reference #: ft018
Super shot of antioxidants! A powdered tea to shake and drink or enhance your recipes. 
PRICE: $14.95

Stay Focused Stay Focused
Reference #: ft017
Research has shown many positive effects on our memory and ability to focus when adding Kyoto Karigane tea to your lifestyle.
PRICE: $14.95

Stay Strong Stay Strong
Reference #: ft019
Boast the immune system to help your system recover from the stresses of illness and other factors, while you enjoy a unique flavor experience and a feeling of serenity with every cup!
PRICE: $14.95


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