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Japanese Tea:Kyoto Region
Genmaicha - Organic Genmaicha - Organic
Reference #: ju063o
Toasty and gentle, nurturing the mind, body and spirit. A tea of resourcefulness that is comforting, delicious and restorative.
PRICE: $12.95

Genmaicha Midori - Organic Genmaicha Midori - Organic
Reference #: ju068o
Noble Matcha dusts a tea from the bleakest of times creating layers and complexity found only in Japan!
PRICE: $18.00

Genmaicha Midori - Uji Genmaicha Midori - Uji
Reference #: ju048
Extremely Complex Sencha, a light Matcha dust with a lingering flavor reminiscent of roasted popcorn.
PRICE: $14.00

Gyokuro - Uji Gyokuro - Uji
Reference #: ju042
Elegant - Treasured - Rare 
Gyokuro is the most refined Japanese Loose Leaf Tea!
PRICE: $23.00

Houjicha - Organic Houjicha - Organic
Reference #: ju064o
Simple - Everyday-Yummy 
NOT the Average Houjicha!
PRICE: $7.50

Hyakushocha "Farmer's Tea" Hyakushocha "Farmer's Tea"
Reference #: ju049
A tea commonly enjoyed only by the tea garden farmers! The leaves are only slightly processed resulting in lovely sweet liquor.
PRICE: $16.00

Kyoto Bancha - Organic Kyoto Bancha - Organic
Reference #: ju079o
Kyoto Bancha, like it's origin is enticing, complex, smooth, balanced. Perfect for when you crave the simplest of extraordinary.
PRICE: $9.95

Kyoto Karigane - Organic - 500 gram bag Kyoto Karigane - Organic - 500 gram bag
Reference #: ju065o-h
So Delicious with Amazing Affects, now in a more economical package. see Stay Focused and Stay Beautiful!
PRICE: $95.00

Sencha - Uji Sencha - Uji
Reference #: ju053
Herbaceous with a crisp astringent (not to be confused with bitter) mouth feel. Pairs beautifully with sushi.
PRICE: $12.00


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