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Functional Teas

Functional Teas

Japanese green tea more than a beverage is a line of teas that have specific attributes which may positively affect healthy living.
Green Tea Mixer Green Tea Mixer
Reference #: ft030
Your simple solution for adding fresh antioxidants to all your favorite recipes
PRICE: $17.95

Stay Balanced Stay Balanced
Reference #: ft010
Complex and smooth taste fosters energy flow and peace of mind. A balanced body prevents serious illness and inspires happiness. 
PRICE: $14.95

Stay Beautiful Stay Beautiful
Reference #: ft011
The secret to looking and feeling younger instantly. Extend wellness between professional treatments or spa at home.
PRICE: $14.95

Stay Beautiful - Blooming Facial Masks Stay Beautiful - Blooming Facial Masks
Reference #: sp009
10 compressed blooming facial masks
PRICE: $5.95

Stay Beautiful Spa Kit Stay Beautiful Spa Kit
Reference #: 9068
Your Organic Oasis, naturally, whenever you desire. Bathe your skin with relaxing mists and soaks, while your entire body is infused.
PRICE: $49.95

Stay Calm Stay Calm
Reference #: ft012
When you quiet the mind you can hear the world. GABA a accidental Japanese discovery,  signals the mind to slow down and stress less.
PRICE: $14.95

Stay Clear Stay Clear
Reference #: ft013
Natural relief of seasonal symptoms from the organic garden without any of the side affects of over-the-counter drugs used for the same purpose.
PRICE: $14.95

Stay Energized - Genmaicha Stay Energized - Genmaicha
Reference #: ft016
Chewable Tea Pearls available in 3 varieties is your Secret, Simple, Solution to foster Peace, Balance and Energy throughout your day.
PRICE: $14.95

Stay Energized - Matcha Stay Energized - Matcha
Reference #: ft014
Experience the Magic of tea in a chewable pearl. Find the energy to follow your bliss with the distinctive flavor of Matcha!
PRICE: $14.95

Stay Energized - Sencha Stay Energized - Sencha
Reference #: ft015
Emerald Pearls of Wisdom are convenient chewable tea pearls with the fresh taste of Sencha. Experience the energy to follow your bliss!
PRICE: $14.95

Stay Fit Stay Fit
Reference #: ft018
Super shot of antioxidants! A powdered tea to shake and drink or enhance your recipes. 
PRICE: $14.95

Stay Fit Duo Stay Fit Duo
Reference #: sp3131
Green Tea Mixer with Stay Fit Tea
PRICE: $32.90

Stay Focused Stay Focused
Reference #: ft017
Research has shown many positive effects on our memory and ability to focus when adding Kyoto Karigane tea to your lifestyle.
PRICE: $14.95

Stay Strong Stay Strong
Reference #: ft019
Boast the immune system to help your system recover from the stresses of illness and other factors, while you enjoy a unique flavor experience and a feeling of serenity with every cup!
PRICE: $14.95


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