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Foodie Californian Cuisine

Foodie Californian Cuisine

Cuisine of nature's bounty, local ingredients and complex flavors perfectly paired with fresh fusion teas.
Currant Oolong Currant Oolong
Reference #: 9145CFG
Complex Oolong and refreshing green tea balanced with succulent peach and red currant is sophisticated foodie friendly indulgence.
PRICE: $10.95

Egyptian Chamomile Egyptian Chamomile
Reference #: 9146CFH
Authentic, pure, deep and delicious! A soothingly steeped full flavor simply not available from other regions. Terroir really does matter!
PRICE: $10.95

Forever Spring Forever Spring
Reference #: 9147CTO
Exquisite fresh floral fragrance with an incomparably velvety mouth feel and creamy honey after taste. Beautiful with fresh dishes!
PRICE: $10.95

Jasmine Pearls - Organic Jasmine Pearls - Organic
Reference #: 9148CSG
Harmonious bouquet of spring tea and summer jasmine fills your cup. Addicting as a beverage, decadent in you culinary creativity.
PRICE: $14.95

Kyoto Bancha - Organic Kyoto Bancha - Organic
Reference #: 9149CJU
Kyoto Bancha, like it's origin is enticing, complex, smooth, balanced. Perfect for when you crave the simplest of extraordinary.
PRICE: $9.95

Luscious Cranberry Luscious Cranberry
Reference #: 9141CFB
A fresh cranberry sensation with a strong black tea forward note creates this delight to the senses!
PRICE: $10.95

Milky Oolong - Organic Milky Oolong - Organic
Reference #: 9151CTO
Light refreshing Oolong tea floating on a pillowy bed of "milky" smooth taste with a sophisticated sweet aroma.
PRICE: $12.95

Peach Mango Peach Mango
Reference #: 9142CFG
Succulent peach and luscious mango with aromas of soft rose balanced by spring green tea. The finish is smooth and clean.
PRICE: $10.95

Vanilla Bean Vanilla Bean
Reference #: 9150CFB
Velvety black tea caressed by sweet soothing vanilla bean has a elegant warming finish and soft floral aroma.  
PRICE: $10.95

White Rose White Rose
Reference #: 9144CFG
Delicate white tea tips floating on fresh sweet spring green creates an alluring bouquet with a sophisticated rose aroma.
PRICE: $10.95

Zesty Lemongrass Zesty Lemongrass
Reference #: 9143CFH
Aromatic layers of lemongrass anchored with licorice, peppermint and sweet apples notes. Perfect harmony to fusion fresh dishes.
PRICE: $10.95


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