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Foodie Asian Cuisine

Foodie Asian Cuisine

Subtle~exotic~tantalizing, always in harmony. Asian cuisine is most inviting when accompanied by intriguing teas.
Ancient Tea Blossoms - Organic Ancient Tea Blossoms - Organic
Reference #: 9086ACH
Blossoms create a mellow honey liquor with a soft aroma.  A sweet balance to sushi as well as delicate expression to entrees as an ingredient.
PRICE: $12.95

Cloud Mist - Organic Cloud Mist - Organic
Reference #: 9083ACG
Soft fresh taste with a particularly complex aroma. Elegant yet simple a Yin Yang equally paired with salad or rich entrees.
PRICE: $14.95

Genmaicha Midori - Organic Genmaicha Midori - Organic
Reference #: 9085AJU
Toasty easy drinking tea with a noble dusting of velvety Matcha. A comfort food compatible tea with a dusting of elegance.
PRICE: $12.95

Golden Monkey - Organic Golden Monkey - Organic
Reference #: 9088ACB
Opulent balanced flavor with a long smooth finish. Captivating bouquet. Perfect with many flavor layered cuisines.
PRICE: $12.95

Jasmine Pearls - Organic Jasmine Pearls - Organic
Reference #: 9084ASG
Harmonious bouquet of spring tea and summer jasmine fills your cup. Addicting as a beverage, decadent in you culinary creativity.
PRICE: $14.95

Kyoto Bancha - Organic Kyoto Bancha - Organic
Reference #: 9082AJU
Kyoto Bancha, like it's origin is enticing, complex, smooth, balanced. Perfect for when you crave the simplest of extraordinary.
PRICE: $9.95

Kyoto Karigane - Organic Kyoto Karigane - Organic
Reference #: 9090AJU
Naturally sweet, no astringency, refreshing delicate expression is refined yet unfussy. Pair with high quality ingredient great food. 
PRICE: $12.95

Oriental Beauty - Organic Oriental Beauty - Organic
Reference #: 9895ATO
Connoisseur's Oolong. Exquisite peach and honey expression amidst sparkling rich shades of autumn.
PRICE: $11.95

Tung Ting - Organic Tung Ting - Organic
Reference #: 9081ATO
Orchid and gardenia floats within a savory complex Taiwanese Oolong. Indulgent with crisp and delicate entrees.
PRICE: $10.95

Zesty Lemongrass Zesty Lemongrass
Reference #: 9087AFH
Aromatic layers of lemongrass anchored with licorice, peppermint and sweet apples notes. Perfect harmony to fusion fresh dishes. 
PRICE: $10.95


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